Everyday Science MCQs Quiz #8

Most important Everyday Science MCQS for all Pakistani Jobs. Practice online MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PTS, Police, FIA, IB, ASF, ANF, ARMY, Ranger FBR,BPSC,AJKPSC,SPSC,KPSC, Banks and all government and private departments of Pakistan. 

www.ilmiway.com is the leading website for online test preparation of Jobs examination. All students can prepare jobs examination of any department of Pakistan. We will also guide you with our videos lectures which are presented by Sir, Rana Muhammad Yasir. Like other Subjects Everyday Science is the most important subject for your jobs exams. All of us know that each jobs examination contains Everyday Science MCQs .So, we are providing you Everyday Science MCQS.

Main Features of these Quizzes (Test or Mcqs):

These Mcqs covers all topics of Everyday Science which are given below :

  • Nature of Science
  • Universe
  • Galaxy and Solar system
  • Day and Night and their variation
  • Diseases
  • Medicines 
  • Technology 
  • Earth and Human
  • Other Science topics

Quiz Instruction:

  • These are the most important MCQS for all job’s examination.
  • Each test have 10 MCQs. 
  • Practice each test at least 2 time. 
  • Practice these MCQs regularly if you want to get high marks in your jobs exams.

Everyday Science #8

#1. Basic metals can be converted into gold by ?

#2. A light year is a unit of ?

#3. Person with following blood group are considered to be universal recipient ?

#4. Laughing gas has chemical composition of following two elements ?

#5. Dr. Abdus Salam of Pakistan was one of the contributors of the unification of

#6. . Role of biotechnology in the production of food based on ?

#7. Which form of drug abuse involves most risk of infection with the HIV (AIDS) virus ?

#8. Founder of modern astronomy was

#9. The instrument which measures very high temperature is ?

#10. The science which deals with study of manners and customs of people is ?



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