Glaciers of the World MCQs | Important Glaciers GK Quiz

Important Glaciers of the World MCQs quiz. General Knowledge Glacier of the World MCQs.  Most important General Knowledge Geography Glaciers MCQs quiz.

Islands of the World

Glaciers MCQs

General Knowledge Glaciers of the World MCQs

Important Glaciers of the World Quiz

#1. Burgeon Glacier is located in?

#2. Hooker glacier is situated in?

#3. .Which continent is without glaciers?

#4. Denman glacier is situated in?

#5. Siachen, Batoro and Chogo Lugma glaciers are located in Pakistan these are situatèd in which mountain range?

#6. Clark glacier is located in?

#7. What colour is most glacial ice?

#8. Siachen glacier, at a height of 20,000 feet or 6,000 meters-plus above sea-level, has been the site of a bitter struggle over boundary demarcation between?

#9. How is the speed of a glacier measured?

#10. The largest glacier of the world is?

#11. In which continent there is no glacier?



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