Gulf and Bay MCQs | Important Gulf & Bays GK Quiz

Gulf and Bay of the World MCQs quiz. General Knowledge Gulfs and Bays MCQs.  Most important General Knowledge Geography Gulf and Bay MCQs quiz.

Islands of the World

Gulf and Bay MCQs

General Knowledge Gulf & Bay of the World MCQs

Important Gulf & Bay of the World Quiz

#1. Gulf of Siam is located in?

#2. Persian Gulf is located in:

#3. Gulf of Tonkin is situated near?

#4. Name the Gulf which contains more than half of the world's proven reserves of petroleum and natural gas?

#5. Gulf of Sidra is present in:

#6. Gulf of lion is present in :

#7. Which is the largest gulf of the world?

#8. The Bay of Pigs is located in:

#9. Which is the largest bay of the world:

#10. Baffin Bay is located in:

#11. Bay of Biscay is situated between:

#12. Bay of Riga is present in:

#13. Hudson Bay is situated in:

#14. Shark Bay is located in:

#15. Thunder Bay is located between:

#16. Korea Bay lies in:

#17. Saint Lawrence bay is situated near:



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