Important Canal MCQs | Gen. Knowledge Geography Canal Quiz

Important Canals of the World MCQs quiz. General Knowledge Canal MCQs.  Most important General Knowledge Geography Canals MCQs quiz.

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Canals MCQs

General Knowledge Canals of the World MCQs

Important Canals of the World Quiz

#1. Red Sea is connected with Mediterranean Sea through the canal?

#2. Which city is called City of Canals?

#3. Volga Canal is located in:

#4. What is the length of the Suez Canal?

#5. The longest canal in the world is :

#6. Which of the following is called the "Gateway to the Pacific"?

#7. Which is the longest Canal of Pakistan?

#8. The Panama Canal links?

#9. The Keil canal links the?

#10. Kiel Canal of Germany was opened in 1895. What is its length?

#11. Suez Canal was constructed in?

#12. When was Panama Canal Officially opened?

#13. Gota Canal is situated in :



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