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Most important Seas of the World. General Knowledge important Seas of the World MCQs. Practice online MCQs of Seas of the World. General Knowledge Seas Quiz.

General Knowledge

Important Seas MCQs

Practice online important General Knowledge Seas of the world MCQs.

Seas of the World MCQs Quiz

#1. Which is the largest Sea of the world?

#2. Which of the following Sea separates Asia from Africa?

#3. Identify the canal which links Red Sea, busiest waterways carrying between Europe and Asia?

#4. Red Sea is between ?

#5. Which is the smallest Sea of the world?

#6. Yellow Sea lies between ?

#7. Which of the Sea is located in Central Asia?

#8. Caspian Sea, Dead Sea and Aral Sea are actually ?

#9. Which is the deepest Sea of the world?

#10. Which is the shallowest Sea of the world?

#11. A ship met with an accident at 30°E and 35°N. The ship was sailing in the?

#12. What are the two Seas linked by Suez Canal?

#13. How far is the Dead Sea before Mediterranean?

#14. Which one of the following seas has banks waters?



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