Strait of the World MCQs |Important Strait GK Quiz

Strait of the World MCQs quiz. General Knowledge Strait of the World MCQs.  Most important General Knowledge Geography MCQs quiz.

Islands of the World

Important Strait MCQs

General Knowledge Strait of the World MCQs

Important Strait of the World Quiz

#1. Indonesia and Malaysia are separated:

#2. Morocco and Spain are separated by:

#3. Bosphorus strait connects the black sea with :

#4. Red sea and Mediterranean sea are connected by:

#5. The world's narrowest strait used for international navigation:

#6. Cook strait separates South New Zealand from?

#7. English Channel separates England from?

#8. Which of the following strait separate Asia from North America?

#9. .............separates Italy form Sicily?

#10. lt separates Spain form Africa and connects Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean?

#11. Strait of Malacca separates?

#12. Which of the following straits separate Malaysia from Singapore?

#13. Sea of Marmara and Aegean sea are connected by the strait?

#14. Bass strait separates Australia from?

#15. The Strait of Malacca connects the?

#16. The Strait which separates Africa from Europe is :

#17. Which is the longest strait of the world?

#18. Which body of water. connects the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea?

#19. Which of the following straits separate Asia from Africa?

#20. The strait which connects the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal is the:



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