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Most important United Nation MCQs. General Knowledge United Nation MCQs . Practice online quiz about UN formation, history, organs and functions. Most Important General Knowledge UNO MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, PTS, CTS, JTS, ASF, ANF, IB, ISI, Pak Army, Air force, Navy, Banks and all Government, Private departments of Pakistan.

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United Nation MCQs

General Knowledge UNO MCQs

Important United Nation Quiz

#1. When did Joseph stain, Franklin D Roosevelt and Winston churchill met in Iran and agreed in principle to form United Nations?

#2. The United general assembly has designed the year 2012 as the international Year of?

#3. Which of the following sets of four countries is responsible for forming the constitution of UNO in October 1944?

#4. On june 26,945, at San Francisco the United Nations charter was signed by the delegates of how many countries?

#5. When did UNO formally come into existence?

#6. Which day is celebrated as United Nations day?

#7. Unites Nations emblem consists of?

#8. New members are admitted to the general Assembly of UNO on the recommendation of security council and?

#9. Pakistan joined UNO on?

#10. Today the membership of UNO has risen to?

#11. Which of the following countries was the second last member inducted in September 2002 UN general Assembly?

#12. How many principal bodies of the UNO are there?

#13. The first secretary-Gnereral of the United Nations was?

#14. Which of the following countries was expelled from UNO when it did not accept the name as suggested by the UNO?

#15. The general assembly discusses and makes recommendations on any subject mentioned in UN charter except?

#16. The general assembly meets every in regular sessions beginning evry year on ?

#17. Security council comprises of how many members?

#18. Security council comprises of 15 members how many non-permanent members security council has?

#19. How many non-permanent members are elected from Afro-Asian countries?

#20. In the 15-member of UN security council the ratio of the permanent members to the non-permanent members is?

#21. The presidency of the security council is held by each member country in rotation in alphabetical order of their names for a period of?

#22. How many non- permanent members are elected West European countries?

#23. Who among the following was the 7th secretary-General of the United National organization?

#24. The five permanent members of the security council of the UNO are?

#25. For how many years are the temporary members of the security council of the UNO are related?

#26. Which of the following does not have veto power in security council?

#27. All the following countries are permanent members of the security council EXCEPT?

#28. The economic and social council consists of the representative of the how many countries elected by two-third majority of general assembly?

#29. The members of the economic and social council are elected for three years.How many members are elected every year?

#30. International court of justice has its head office in?



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