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Direction Sense MCQs. Intelligence Test Direction Sense MCQs for Pakistan Air force, Army, Navy and ISSB. Practice online Intelligence Test MCQs for all posts of Pakistan Forces.

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Directions Sense MCQs

Direction Sense Quiz 1

#1. A man was facing East. He took 3 paces forward and turned right, walked another two paces and then turned right again, took three paces and turned backwards. Which direction was he last facing?

#2. A man walks 5 km toward south and then turns to the right. After walking 3 km he turns to the left and walks 5 km. Now in which direction is he from the starting place?

#3. Ali is 40 m South-West of Ahmed. If Maryam is 40 m South-East of Ahmed, then Maryam is in which direction of Ali?

#4. If I stand on my head with my face pointing southwards, in which direction will my right-hand point?

#5. The time on my watch is quarter to three. If the minute-handed points to north-east, in which direction does the hour hand point?

#6. Yasir started from his house and walked 2 miles North, then 3 miles West and finally 6 miles South, How far away from his house was he then?

#7. A man travels seven miles eastwards, then turns right and travels 3 miles, and further turns right again and travel eleven miles. How far is he from the starting point?

#8. A boy walks 9 km due East and then 12 km due South. How far is he from the starting point?

#9. A man travels one mile due East, then 5 miles due South, then 2 miles due East and finally 9 miles due North. How far is he from starting point?

#10. A and B start walking from the same point. A goes North and covers 3 km, then turns right and covers 4 km. B goes West and covers 5 km, then turns right and covers 3 km. How far apart are they from each other?



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