Mathematic MCQs | Top 300 Math mcqs for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, quiz 1

Most important Mathematics Mcqs quiz. Basic Mathematics Arithmetic Mcqs for FPSC, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC, KPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, PTS, JTS, CTS, FIA, IB, ASF, ANF, ISI, UTS, Police, Banks and all Government / Private departments of Pakistan. Practice Math Quiz online free of cost.

Mathematics Mcqs

Mathematics MCQs

Basic Mathematics / Arithmetic Mcqs ( Quiz)

Top 300 Mathematics MCQs (Mix)
Quiz 1

#1. Mr. and Mrs. Sajad have seven daughters. Each daughter has one brother. What is the total number of the person in family?

#2. If five cars are parked bumper to bumper, how many bumpers are touching each other?

#3. Asif is standing in a queue in such a way that he is sixth in the queue from either side, then hoW many people are there in the queue?

#4. Find the value of 53/1000?

#5. If 25 toys cost 500, what would be tha cost of 75 toys?

#6. Find the missing numbers in the following number series: 1335677_____?

#7. Find the missing number in the series: 60 59 57 54 50____?

#8. A Speed of 45 km per hour is the same as?

#9. A rectangular room is 6m long, 5m wide and 4m high. What is the total volume of the room in the cubic meter?

#10. 367 is how much below 4007?



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