Mathematic MCQs | Top 300 Math mcqs for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, quiz 3

Most important Mathematics Mcqs quiz. Basic Mathematics Arithmetic Mcqs for FPSC, PPSC, BPSC, SPSC, KPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, PTS, JTS, CTS, FIA, IB, ASF, ANF, ISI, UTS, Police, Banks and all Government / Private departments of Pakistan. Practice Math Quiz online free of cost.

Mathematics Mcqs

Mathematics MCQs

Basic Mathematics / Arithmetic Mcqs ( Quiz)

Top 300 Mathematics MCQs (Mix)
Quiz 3

#1. Imran made a profit of 20 percent in the first year. Next year, he had a loss of 25 percent on the capital he had at the beginning of second year. What was his overall loss?

#2. Rashid buys 3 books for Rs. 16 each and four books for Rs. 23 each. What will be the average price of the books?

#3. 888+0.8 x 8= ?

#4. A student gets 60, 50and 90 mark out of 100 in English, Physics and Economics respectively. He needs 72% to get a scholarship. How many marks does he need to get in his final paper Maths to obtain overall 72% marks?

#5. How many numbers between 200 and 500 are divisible by 13?

#6. The first five multiples of 17 are?

#7. The number which is divisible by 7 but not by 14 Is?

#8. The total number of even prime numbers as?

#9. The least prime number is?

#10. If day before yesterday was Saturday, then day ater tomorrow will be?



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