Medical Assistants Biology MCQs | PAF Biology MCQs Quiz

Most important Pakistan Air Force Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. Practice online Quiz for test preparation of PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. PAF Airman Biology MCQs. PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs test are given below.

Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Medical Assistants Biology Quiz

PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

PAF Biology Quiz 1

#1. Which of these major bioelements is in the highest percentage in protoplasm?

#2. A scientific theory has which of the following properties?

#3. Data analysis is necessary to prove or disprove a hypothesis by:

#4. Which one of the following is a correct sequence in biological method?

#5. Classification means the grouping of organisms on the basis of:

#6. A related group of genera comprises:

#7. The cutting down of trees for the conversion of a forest to non-forest land is called:

#8. The plasma membrane does all of these except:

#9. The thin extensions of the inner mitochondrial membrane are known as:

#10. Which tissue is matter responsible for the conduction of dissolved organic matter (food) between different parts of plant body?

#11. How many major categories of tissues are in plants?

#12. What is called a movement of water across a semi-permeable membrane?

#13. Which of these cellular organelles have their own DNA?

#14. Which of the following stage of cell division is very different for animal and plant cells?

#15. In which stage of the cell cycle, most cells spend their lives?

#16. The most basic characteristic of life is:

#17. Normally, the genétic material in nucleus is in a loose thread like form called:

#18. Some organisms can regenerate parts of their bodies. The production of new cells is achieved by:

#19. Which is one of the main types of programmed cell death?

#20. The process of mitosis ensures that:

#21. What is called the set of biochemical reactions that occur in living organisms in order to maintain life?

#22. All chemical reactions require activation:

#23. German physiologist Winhelm Kuhne first used the term enzyme in:

#24. Every enzyme works at its maximum rate at a specific temperature called as the:

#25. To what category of molecules do enzymes belong?



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