PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs Quiz 12

Most important Pakistan Air Force Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. Practice online Quiz for test preparation of PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. PAF Airman Biology MCQs. PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs test are given below.

Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Medical Assistants Biology Quiz

PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Quiz Instruction

PAF Biology Quiz 12

#1. In which respiration, oxygen is used and there is complete ox idation of the food material?

#2. Where does the gaseous exchange occur in humans

#3. Which is defined as the maintenance of the internal conditions of body at equilibrium?

#4. Kidneys are bean-shaped organs colouring:

#5. The human urinary system consists of:

#6. What waste products are exereted by kidneys?

#7. Which of these enables the organism to respond to happenings in the world around it?

#8. How many main parts, a human ear has?

#9. Prosses that carry nerve impulses away Irom the cell body are called:

#10. Ali of these are hormones except:



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