PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs Quiz 2

Most important Pakistan Air Force Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. Practice online Quiz for test preparation of PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. PAF Airman Biology MCQs. PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs test are given below.

Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Medical Assistants Biology Quiz

PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Quiz Instruction

PAF Biology Quiz 2

#1. The study of internal structures is called:

#2. Biology is the study of:

#3. Members of the same species living in the same place at the same time make a:

#4. A hypothesis must be testable to be scientifically valid. Being testable means that:

#5. Science is the systemized knowledge derived from observations and:

#6. Biodiversity is a measure of the variety of organisms present in different:

#7. Classification is based on relationship amongst organisms and such relationship is got through similarities in:

#8. Viruses are not classified in any kingdom because:

#9. When the last member of a particular species dies, the species is said to be:

#10. A light microscope can magnify objects only about:



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