PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs Quiz 5

Most important Pakistan Air Force Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. Practice online Quiz for test preparation of PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. PAF Airman Biology MCQs. PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs test are given below.

Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Medical Assistants Biology Quiz

PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Quiz Instruction

PAF Biology Quiz 5

#1. Which of these is the basic unit of classification?

#2. In binomial nomenclature; whose first letter of the name is capitalized?

#3. Biologist use two types of electron microscopes; Transmission Electron Microscope and:

#4. Animals and many unicellular organisms have hollow and cylindrical organelles known as:

#5. Ribosomes are constructed in the:

#6. During which phase of mitosis, spindles are formed?

#7. Enzymes are proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions and are not changed during the:

#8. which energy is stored in chemical bonds and is released as kinetic energy when these bonds break?

#9. Photosynthesis is the synthesis of glucose from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of sunlight and:

#10. In the burning process of fuel, which gas is used to break the C_H bond present in fuel molecules?



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