PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs Quiz 9

Most important Pakistan Air Force Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. Practice online Quiz for test preparation of PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs. PAF Airman Biology MCQs. PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs test are given below.

Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Medical Assistants Biology Quiz

PAF Medical Assistants Biology MCQs

Quiz Instruction

PAF Biology Quiz 9

#1. Ulcers occur in

#2. Bile from liver helps in the digestion of lipids through:

#3. All land plants have developed complex tissues that move wate rand food throughout plant body

#4. Transpiration is the loss of water from plant surface throngh

#5. When fibrinogen makes blood clot, it separates from blood and remainder is called:

#6. The study of genes and their roles in inheritance is called:

#7. Which branch of biology deals with the study of biologica! processes using mathematical techniques and tools?

#8. If a scientist is studying the methods of jnserting human insulin gene in bacteria, which branch of biology may this be?

#9. The freezing point of water is 0°C and the boiling point is:

#10. The bypotheses that stand the test of time are called



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