PAF English Quiz 2 | Pakistan Airforce Airman English MCQs

PAF Airman test preparation online quiz (MCQS) for Aero Trades, GC (Ground Combatier), Provost, Nursing, Medical Assistant, MTD (Mechanical Transport Driver) , PF& DI, Aero Supports, Sportsman and Musician. Practice PAF Airman English MCQs or Quiz.

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PAF Airman English MCQs

PAF English Quiz 2

#1. Which one is correct? All that glitters is not_____.

#2. The man is to_______.

#3. Choose the correct preposition.The driver dived ______the river.

#4. He is scared ______ghosts.

#5. Choose the correct indirect narration.She said, "I cannot wait any more".

#6. The teacher said to the student, "Concentrate on studies".

#7. "Would they attend the meeting"? he said to me.

#8. She said to her son, "May you live long!"

#9. choose the correct voice of following. They have to prepare the report.

#10. They did the work themselves.

#11. I can inform him about the function.



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