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PAF PF&DI Test Preparation

Most Important MCQs and Quiz for the post of Physical Fitness and Drill Instructor(PF & DI).

PF & DI (Physical Fitness and Drill Instructor):

  1. Intelligence Test    ( Verbal & Non Verbal)   “100 Mcqs”   Time= 45 Mint
  2. English                     (50 Mcqs     Time= 25 Mint ) 
  3. Physics                     (25 Mcqs    Time= 15 Mint ) 
  4. Math

(BRS Test is Optional it may or may not be taken by PAF)

Practice your desire post mcqs which are given below.(Online Quiz)

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How to Join PAF after Matric .

Join Pakistan Air Force after Matric as Aerotrade. Provost, MTD, GC,Aero Support,Sportsman and Musician. Complete details, Test Syllabus and Test Preparation.

If you have passed your Matric Examination and you want to join Pakistan Air Force. There are many posts that you can join PAF after Matric. You can join as Airman &Woman in Pakistan Air Force e.g. Aero Trades, GC, MTD, Nursing Assistant, PF&DI, Provost, Aero Support, Religious Teacher, Sportsman and Musician. Here we are going to discuss that how you can join these posts in detail. We have provided complete information below. Carefully read all posts which are given below.

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