Pakistan Studies MCQs 1857 to 1947 |Indo Pak history quiz 12

Pakistan Studies MCQs . Complete History of Pakistan MCQs British Raj to Pakistan Movement ( 1857 to 1947). Most important Pakistan Studies MCQs for FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPSC, AJKPSC, NTS, PTS, CTS. JTS,  Police, FIA, IB, ASF, ANF, ARMY, Ranger, FBR, Banks and all government and private departments of Pakistan. History of Subcontinent Quiz 1857 to 1947. Indo-Pak history mcqs. History of Pakistan MCQs quiz for all competitive jobs examinations.   

Pakistan Studies MCQs

Pakistan Studies MCQs

History of Pakistan British Raj to Pakistan

History of Pakistan 1857 to 1947 MCQs

Pak Study 1857 to 1947
Quiz 12

#1. Who of the followings introduced the Doctrine of Lapse?

#2. when the Indian Councils Act was enacted into law?

#3. When the Indian National Congress was formed?

#4. Who was the first president of the Indian National Congress?

#5. Where the resolution for the All establishing India Muslim League was passed?

#6. The annual session of the Congress 1913 was held of in which of the following cities?

#7. When the Government of came India Act into effect?

#8. When Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan was born in Delhi?

#9. When Sir sayyed was appointed as the member Imperial Council?

#10. Sir Sayyed authored the book_____ 1858?



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