Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs Quiz 10 | PAF, Army, Navy,ISSB

Verbal Intelligence MCQs. Practice Verbal MCQs online. Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs for Pakistan Air Force, Navy, Army and ISSB. Pakistan Air Force Verbal Intelligence test . Pak Navy Verbal Intelligence test. Pak Army Verbal Intelligence test.

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Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs

Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs online practice

Practice verbal MCQs for all types of jobs Examination. Intelligence Verbal MCQs consist of Number Series, Letter Series, Blood Relations, Analogy, Coding Decoding, Classification, Reasoning, Odd or Different, Direction Sense, Mathematical calculation, Odd man out etc.

Verbal MCQs Quiz 10

#1. Insert the missing letter, A C E G I ... ?

#2. Complete the following series 1/16, 1/4, 1/2, 2, 4, 16, ?

#3. Complete the following series 3, 9, 14, 18, 21, 23, ?

#4. If in code language ABC means ZYX what does DEF mean ?

#5. Find odd man out by first rearranging the jumbled spellings of word and write its serial number?

The forming words are “Pear”  “Mango” “Apple” and “Chair”

So, Chair is Odd among the following

#6. Find odd man out by first rearranging the jumbled spellings of word ?

forming words are ” Paper” Orange” KIN” and “NEP” So odd word is Orange

#7. X and Y are the parents of Z. But Z is not the son of X. What is Z to X?

#8. Complete the series BWXEWXHWXKW

#9. Insert the word that means the same as the two words outside the brackets LIGHT........COMPETITION

#10. Accelerate is to Retard as Praise is to

#11. Insert the missing number10 (56) 18 15 (?) 23

#12. Insert the missing number: 18 27 ?

#13. Rash is to Reckless as Compulsory is to

#14. Find ihe odd-mari out

#15. Which is the lifferent from the otlher

#16. Insert the: missing word ROSS (SORE) RENTS MAKES (?) ILT

#17. Complete: The seris 54 27 15 18 9 12?



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