Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs Quiz 14 | PAF, Army, Navy,ISSB

Verbal Intelligence MCQs. Practice Verbal MCQs online. Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs for Pakistan Air Force, Navy, Army and ISSB. Pakistan Air Force Verbal Intelligence test . Pak Navy Verbal Intelligence test. Pak Army Verbal Intelligence test.

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Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs

Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs online practice

Practice verbal MCQs for all types of jobs Examination. Intelligence Verbal MCQs consist of Number Series, Letter Series, Blood Relations, Analogy, Coding Decoding, Classification, Reasoning, Odd or Different, Direction Sense, Mathematical calculation, Odd man out etc.

Verbal MCQs Quiz 14

#1. What number will come next of the following series, 24, 12, 36, 24, 48, 36, ?

#2. What number will come next of the following series, 16, 15, 17, 14, ?

#3. What term will fill the blank spaces Z, X, V, T, R, (...), (....) ?

#4. What will be the next term in, BDF, CFI, DHL ?

#5. Rearrange the jumbled spelling word " DECANS"(to go up) and make meaningful word

The forming word is ” Ascend” so last letter will be D

#6. Which choice mention the last letter of the jumbled spelling word, C A N L R E ( Armed Soldier)

The word is “Lancer” so last letter is R

#7. Which number comes next? 30 25 19 12

#8. If Zahid is taller than Safdar and Sami is shorter than Nasir, then Nasir may be as tall as Zahid.

#9. Travel is to 451936 as Later is to

#10. Prevent means the same as

#11. the following numbers are arranged from the smallest to the largest. What will be the middle number?

#12. What is different from the others

#13. What is dillerent from the others

#14. Which letter conies ncxt following series? B D g l

#15. Smcar is to 31247 as Rcams is to

#16. Pious means the same as



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