Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs Quiz 7 | PAF, Army, Navy, ISSB

Verbal Intelligence MCQs. Practice Verbal MCQs online. Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs for Pakistan Air Force, Navy, Army and ISSB. Pakistan Air Force Verbal Intelligence test . Pak Navy Verbal Intelligence test. Pak Army Verbal Intelligence test.

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Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs

Intelligence Test Verbal MCQs online practice

Practice verbal MCQs for all types of jobs Examination. Intelligence Verbal MCQs consist of Number Series, Letter Series, Blood Relations, Analogy, Coding Decoding, Classification, Reasoning, Odd or Different, Direction Sense, Mathematical calculation, Odd man out etc.

Verbal MCQs Quiz 7

#1. Complete the letter series, A D I P ?

#2. Complete the following series 15, 11, 7, 14, 10, 6,?

#3. Complete the following series 7, 4, 12, 9, 27, 24, ?

#4. Medical is to 5132768 as Decimal is to..?

#5. Looking at a portrait, a man said, " That man's father is my father's son. Brothers and sisters i have none. At whose portrait was man looking?

#6. Road is to Car as Sca is to

#7. Food is to Eat as Water is to

#8. Author is to Book as ............. Is to Statue

#9. Bed is to Bedroom as Lock is to

#10. Pen is to Ink as Ink is to

#11. Hard work is to Success as Treatment is to

#12. England is to Europe as Pakistan is to

#13. Education is to Illiterate as Medicine is

#14. Four is to April as Seven is to

#15. Bee is to Swarm as Animal is to



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